Celebrate Life & Love...

Sakura Haru is her given name. In Japan, sakura symbolizes hope, and haru means “spring.” There, the arrival of cherry blossoms has long heralded the season’s beginning and is a time to gather and celebrate.

Sakura grew up in tropical Okinawa. She loved the vibrant colors, and Okinawa’s lush beauty continues to inspire her work.

“Jewelry is everyday, practical art for people. It celebrates life and love, so it gets passed down. I hope that whatever I make will be cherished for generations. I want my pieces to last like the memories they represent.”
photo credit: Kelly Freedman

Reflecting Sakura’s appreciation of nature and people, she crafts her pieces using sustainable practices and recycled gold from an eco-certified refinery.

Now California is where she continues her explorations in metal, stone, and symbol—pushing practical art experience forward while telling stories through jewelry.  She lives in Berkeley with her husband, Kush, and her dog, Miso.