About the collection...

pale carnation petal

Birth Month Flowers : Eternal Blossoms

The genesis of this collection comes from becoming a mom. It’s my take on collectable jewelry for mothers. This series was created so women can collect birth month flowers of her child(ren). These blooms can also celebrate other important people and moments in life. The back of each piece is flat to allow for personalized engraving.

The flower motif is a legacy of my tough but flower-loving grandmother, Haru (whose name means “spring”). And of my mother who always looks for beauty and chose flower names for her girls—Sakura (cherry blossom) and Sumire (violet). When I became a mom, I also gave my daughter a name from a flowering tree, like my own namesake.

Flowers symbolize hope and the depth of the human experience in our family. I hope these blooms add joy to the lives of many families.

pale carnation petals on textured paper

Photo by Sakura Haru